Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Memoir of my little knight - Part 3

As we reached the labour room @ Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban N.9.

My SIL was not allowed to enter the labour room with me. Dah mmg procedure mana2 hospital kerajaan hanya suami sahaja dibenarkan masuk. So she was outside at the waiting area.

The labour room x ramai patients that nite. I was greeted by a nice lady-nurse. Told her wat happened. She immidiately took the timing of the contraction. Yess, she counted every 10minutes mmg ada contraction. Then there's a young male doctor came. Dlm hati brkata ini mesti masih practical@ housemanship. Dah biasa sgt dgn hospital kerajaan. The 'real' medical doctor selalu akan dtg kemudian.

Terasa sgt slow dgn service disini, sbb clerical- report/case report masih lg pakai pen dan kertas. I am not being comparative here. Skrg zaman sudah celik IT. Agak trperanjat kalau dibndingkan dgn Hospital Ampang dimana the 2Ms dilahirkan. Even Hospital Putrajaya pon jauh bezanya. The HO (housemanship officer) braught me to one room yg agak kecik utk buat CTG. Huh!! Trperanjat lagi!  Melihat keadaan bilik yg x trsusun dan mesin CTG yg nmpak 'sudah nazak' itu, makes me wonder ada lagi hospital yg berupa spt berada di 'zaman P.Ramlee'. Dalam hati berbisik, jangan byk 'komplen-la'..  maybe mlm ni jugak ntah2 dah kene brsalin, tabahlah wahai hati!

After 20minutes, I've done with the CTG test. Mmg obvious ada contraction. Dlm 10 minit ada satu peak. Kali ni the HO came with one-female MO (medical officer). Both of them looked at the graph together. They agreed utk tolak masuk ke wad, which am not surprised. The MO bawk i masuk satu bilik utk buat ultrasound. Masuk bilik tu, rasa mcm nak je tepuk dahi depan2 doctor tu. Tapi simpan dlm hati. Haha. Another 'zaman P.Ramlee' punye barang dahhhhh..

I sms-ed to SIL, updating her what happened. Then straight away the nurse asked me to call SIL utk buat registration kemasukan wad. ::sigh::

I was admitted at wad 4A Obstestric and Gynaecology. Kelas ketiga (3rd class). Told SIL that I will try with the 3rd class ward dulu for the nite. She said she will arrage utk transfer ke kelas pertama if I'm not comfortable kat wad tu nnti. be Continued..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Memoir of my little knight - Part 2

Sometime in April 2012. I was 31-32 weeks in my pregnancy.

Soon after being discharged from Putrajaya Hospital,  we went straight to my SIL's place in Seremban, since she offered her place utk smntara. If jadi skali lagi xdela trkocoh2 mcm hari tu.

My SIL with a big heart dgn ikhlas offered us to stay at her place. So after discussed wth mr.hubby we decided to stay at SIL's place smpi i selamat brsalin for the sake of the 2M. Begitulah plan-nya.

Mr.WN were assigned to go on a business trip satu semenanjung with his colleagues. He asked me whether he should go on the trip or not with my current condition. I said pegila lagipon bukannya i dok sorang2 kat rumah tu. My in laws are all nearby.

I think about 2 days after he left.

I was watching tv that evening while the 2Ms were busy playing with their cousins, my SIL were busy making homemade chappati with the maid in the kitchen for dinner. I felt something not right. Its the CONTRACTION again!  I just kp quite by not telling my SIL yet. Manalah tahu its just a false alarm. I keep monitoring the timing of the attack. Makin lama makin dekat the frequence pulak. Tak bole jadi ni!

I slowly went to kitchen greeted my SIL. I just smiled at her. Wordless. She got the message. She said let me know when do u want me to send to the hospital. I went straight to the room (actually her dsughters's room yg we all tumpang duduk). Packing stuff apa yg patut as the contraction makin kuat. I decided tunggu lpskan maghrib lps anak2 mndi and makan barulah chow. Masa tu, I ingat lg, WN ada sms-ed tnya kabar and etc. Tapi jari and hati ni berat nak kasitau hal sebenarnya. Fikir org tu kat sana tgh bkrja and jauh kalau dia nak brpatah balik. I just reminded my SIL just inform him  later.

It was a chaos. I saw MIL da smpai to stand by, the 2Ms were crying mcm tahu their mama going to leave them. SIL and the husband quickly stand by in the car, the maid and the 2Ms cousins tgh sibuk2 men-divert the 2Ms attention with hope they wont get to see me if I leave the house. Baik jgn kasi nmpak lgsung.

In the car while we were rushed to the hospital. SIL's car suddenly stopped in the middle of th road. Sikit lg nk smpai hospital bole pulak dia buat hal. I was stunned dont know wat to do that moment. The husband trying to figure out what is happening. SIL being very focused quickly went out from the car and dgn selamba she tahan any car that we can get a lift sekejap. Alhamdulilah, adalah satu malay couple (not so elderly, maybe in their late 40s kut) dgn baik hati they tumpangkan.

As we reached the emergency room at the hospital, SIL rushed to get the wheelchair for me. As she pushed the wheelchair to the labour room while I was on it, bole pulak one of the wheel bole trsangkut at the longkang punye cover (dont know what ppl call it). Finally she managed to pull it out.

... to be continued..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What more can I say..

Assalam all,

Bn wanting to update. Tapi xde masa. So many things happening eversince I delivered my little knight, Farees. Byk hal n of course satu persatu dugaan yg dtg x henti2 mnduga kesabaran dan ketabahan kami brdua suami isteri.

Kami brdua tidak putus brdoa semoga Yang Satu di atas sana akan permudahkan segalanya. We are all in the midst masuk ke rumah baru. Untuk sementara ini kami masih trpaksa menumpang rumah adik ipar di Seremban.

Segan, segan, segan serta perasaan dicampur dgn perasaan serba salah dgn adek ipar srta biras. Well, I dont have any problems with  them lah bak kata org puteh 'squatting' at ppl's place, bukan rumah sndiri.

Now Farees masih coughing and pleghm. Tadi adalah kali ke 3 hes on nebuliser and on oral with ventoline. Hope he'll recover soon.

Ok wil update more esok. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Memoir of my little knight - Part 1

As Salam... I will have to to summarize the event before and after delivered my little boy, Farees Nokman (FN).  I will start on the week of 24-26weeks of my pregnancy...

We went for 24weeks check up  at our favourite GP near our place. She confirmed that it's a BOY  this time.. My heart was exploding with excitement when she told the good news. Yelah dah ada 2 org anak perempuan, nak jugala anak lelaki...Alhamdulilah Tuhan Maha Mendengar, He kabulkan my doa.. :)

We decided to deliver at the private hospital nearby, Columbia Asia Puchong this time.. Yelah 'kompeni' baru WN cover for the maternity expenses.. Nak la merasa private touch pf services kan...

As I still remember, WN and me went for a shopping for my little boy as the due date was getting close. So we went to The Curve and Tesco Mutiara Dmnsara... Due to long hours of walking, I had a strong contraction after few hours we reached home. I told WN, the pain was quite intense, as if I'm about to deliver...

I cried, sbb saper la yg nak tunggu and look after my 2 girls if I have to rush to the hospital that moment.. Dalam diam , my loving hubby called everyone in the family including family di Seremban to stand by, or anyone dgn rela hati can come that nite.. Alhamdulillah , my MIL, my sister and biras came to rescue.. Thanks to all of them..

At 11pm, we rushed to Columbia Asia Puchong as I did have my records with the Gynae, Dr.S.. But Me and WN was really frustrated with his decision to refer my case to Putrajaya Hospital, as he doesn't wanna take the risk of me to deliver earlier before the due date... Alasannya, the hospital doesn't have the expertise and the facilites to cater with the pre-term baby ( 30weeks).. Arghhhhhhhh!

By 1-2am, we reached Putrajaya Hospital, I was panicked 'kut-kut' the hospital x nak terima my case becoz I didn't have the 'buku merah' with me (Standard government maternity check up book) this time.. Mmg tak buat kali ni sbb sudah plan nak deliver at private hospital.. But as the nurse said, "Takpe Puan, kami terima kes ini dan akan cuba sedaya boleh, jgn risau ya. Sudah byk kes dari swasta refer ke sini".  I was relieved with the response.. :)

As the pain was getting worse, the nurses did the normal procedures and observations while waiting for the doctor to come..  By 3.30am, MO (Medical Officer) came to me and said, "Puan, your contraction is quite strong. So u kene admit ya and we will do the necessary treatment to reduce the pain, kalau boleh nak bagi contraction pain tu hilang terus, kalau tak, the possibilities for u to deliver awal mmg tinggi, so we will try our best for that not to happen". Nak gugur jantung rasanya bila dia ckp mcm tu..

I quickly sms-ed to WN informing that I have be in the ward for few days. He replied that he knew it as one of the nurses informed him and he was at the counter to do the registration. be continued... the little knight awaken... :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Welcome to the world my son!

As Salam.. Dah almost setahun tak update blog... tangan menggigil mengetap keyboard sbb dah lama sgt x menaip.. 

Well readers, introducing my 1st son.. MUHAMMAD FAREES NOKMAN..  He was born on 23rd June 2012. Me and husband gone thru a lot while I was carrying him until he was born.. Been wanting to post a memoir of carrying and after deliver him.. Byk suka dan duka happening during that moment..

InsyaAllah will find the time to write again... while all its still fresh in my head :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saya TAK KUTUK org Sabah, jangan salah anggap!

Regarding with my last entry, which was about my maid, ada 'silent reader' yang mengaku dia org Sabah,  sudah hantar personal email, accusing saya mengutuk org sabah.. Saya tak sangka ada yg salah anggap dan menuduh saya bukan2..  Tolonglah baca betul2 with my previous entry tu, yess she is a SABAHAN and not to forget, a MALAYSIAN too!

Saya tak 'specifically' kata org Sabah itu semua jahat, saya cakap MAID SAYA TU YANG BUAT PERANGAI! For your information,  saya ada ramai kenalan dan personal friends whom are SABAHAN too, tapi mereka xdela buat perangai mcm ni ok!

Blog adalah satu instrument di internet untuk share info e.g pengalaman hidup, luahan rasa/hati utk readers/bloggers yg lain.. Begitu la saya menggunakan teknologi blog utk saya menceritakan pengalaman pahit manis hidup saya dgn TIDAK mmbuat mana2 pihak pon tersinggung. Sudah terang2 saya katakan yg saya kesal dan sedih dgn attitude maid saya tu, dan  terbukti yg dia mmg mencuri our personal stuff, SHE BETRAYED OUR TRUST! Are u trying to explain that mencuri brg majikan itu tak salah ke?? ATAU saya tak patut ke post entri sebegitu kepada readers yg lain espc yg ada maid di rumah?? What if she's from other NEGERI, let say dari KEDAH or if she's an INDONESIAN, would u care to say anything about them??

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, u know who u are: Kalau awak mmg terasa hati, dan terus menuduh saya sebegitu, saya da tak boleh buat apa .. I'm not saying that u cannot voice out apa u tak puas hati. Bagi saya apa yg saya share ttg maid saya di dalam previous entry adalah REALITI, saya bukan mereka cerita untuk jadi 'penyedap rasa' di blog ini..

Satu lagi apa yang saya tulis ttg maid saya tu adalah utk saya SHARE pengalaman of having MAIDS at home kepada readers yg lain, bukan utk saya seorang dan niat saya bertujuan utk kita semua lebih berhati2 dgn mereka ini tak kira dari NEGERI atau dari mana2 NEGARA MANA PON.

Last but not least, ya, saya reply di public, kerana di lubuk hati saya mmg tiada niat sebesar kuman pon ingin mengutuk orang SABAH dan juga kpd readers yg lain yg mungkin tersinggung dgn entri saya sebelom ini, PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL...

ADIOS.. Tepuk dada tanya selera...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SAYONARA, maid! Its just not your lucky day..

As Salam readers.. Sorry tidak kesempatan untuk update entry.. has been busy to the max.. WHY?? Its been a week that I've been maid-less.. Yupp the recent maid has been sent home for good.. SAYONARA! Now everything I have to do it myself espc taking care of the two girls + housework dari menyapu dan laundry.  ITS ENDLESS WORK bebey!

WHAT HAPPENED exactly to the maid sampai me and WN hantar dia balik terus???

Date: 26th November 2011, Saturday
Venue: My place..

Aunte', the maid has been vomiting with blood that morning, while WN went to GH, Seremban visiting his uncle admitted kat sana kejap.. so I just called the ambulance to pick her up and send to hospital for further check up.. I was a bit panic, sbb tgk baju dia berlumuran darah.. Kids started crying to see her like that.. Yelah aku tgk macam da nak mati je org tua ni.. My heart screams  'PLEASE DONT DIE IN MY HOUSE!'

NOTE: Aku dan WN panggil dia AUNTE', according to a Sabahan friend,  AUNTE'  dalam bahasa Suluk di Sabah, its a MAKCIK to them..   

Sent sms to WN, informing wat happen.. Its been 3rd time me called the ambulance this time.. Sebelom ni dia ada drama 'pengsan' few times, which made me called the ambulance straight away.. Ambulance came few minutes later, as diorg da biasa with her case.. Driver ambulance recognise my maid, and he made a statement, 'Org tua yang sama kan pengsan ni?' I just smiled at him, terus explained to the attended paramedics of what happened, showed them the blood stains on her shirt.

Oh yess, before Aunte' stepped in to the ambulance she said she forgot to bring her handbag, I just tell her 'Tak payah bawak, kat sana nnti kalau pegi wat X-Ray ke apa xde sapa nak jaga, takut nnti hilang pulak awak punye handbag.' Sbb I will come later with WN bila dia balik S'ban.

Meanwhile, aku geledah barang2 dia, since my kids's clothes has been missing.. Sebelom tu ada jugak cari tapi x jumpa.. But that time tak terfikir nak geledah handbag dia tu.. By afternoon, WN came home.. He straight away ajak to 'spot check' on her stuff.. I said u tgk dulu as I kene tgkkan budak2 ni.. Ada yg nak susu la, nak kene tukar diapers la and mcm2 lagi..

Few seconds later while WN in her room, he called me, nampak handbag sedang digeledah.. WN being WN. Smarter than me as always.. I was shocked! all her baju semua keluar, dalam baju ada few small pouches stuff yg jahit seperti ni:

Gambar x clear, this is her baju, nmpak few pouches tu??

this one clear kan?? Cuba teka apa bndanya ni??

Yang ni pulak dia jahit keliling pinggang di seluar pulak!

Inilah certain duit syiling yg dia amik.. Jangan main2, syiling EURO pon ada ok!


She actually wrapped the coins with plain paper and a masking tape, then masukkan dalam pouch kecik2 ni, baru dia jahit dalam baju or seluar.. We even found dalam her undies e.g BRA ok!

 Ntah saper punye brooch la dia rembat!
All  I know its not mine!
DIGITAL CAMERA and HANDPHONE kau angkut dalam bra kau!
Padanla kau kalau jalan terbongkok2!
Few money too! Gold medal pon bedal nak amik, dia ingatkan EMAS tulen agaknya!  ST###ID!
Laki aku punye GPS pon dia sempat amik! HUH!
Another accessories too!
Last shot with her stolen stuff yang dia berangan nak bawak balik kampung!

Sepandai2 tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh 'gedebab' ke tanah juga.. 

I told WN to wait until the hospital informing apa sakit dia. Apa2 pon aku nekad nak hantar dia balik terus! Tak payah hantar polis.. Kita gertak kaw-kaw kalau dia x nak mengaku..

By 6pm hospital called updating the maid's status, she actual;y tak sakit, hanya ada batuk biasa, darah yg dimuntahkan act dia korek her tekak to keluar kan darah tu.. The doctor suspected dia ada 'bullemia'.. ada jugak org yg pandai drama smpai tahap ni kan?? WHAT EVER la old woman!

Meanwhile,  seems doctor kata nothing serious, WN sempat beli/booked online flight ticket, planned to send her tomorrow terus.. tak payah tunggu lagi..

Picked her up from the hospital, we left the 'stolen' stuff in her room just like that, cant wait to see her reaction.. But, dia pandai berlakon, dia buat tak tahu as soon she entered her room.. WN da x tahan, called her to come kat living area.. Apa lagi sesi INTERROGATION LA! Kitorg da mcam dalam bilik siasatan la  makcik tu kene soal jawab!

Maids are maids... Itula perungkapan my sister to me.. Tak kira maids dari Indonesia or Malaysia or others too, pemikiran , personaliti dan cara dibesarkan, terdesak dlam kemiskinan, mmbuatkan mereka jadi sperti ini.. MY MAID IS A MALAYSIAN! Lagi satu, diorg ni bila da buat salah macamana pon takkan mengaku sampai mampusss! 

Interrogation went almost 2 hours... Gertak habis2an.. Sampai ugut pegi POLIS.. then she cried and melutut, baru nak mengaku salah! HUH! Alasan takut balik kampung gaji x cukup, bayar hutang anak, sbb amik barang2 ni.. 

OK.. Enough is enough! I asked her to get ready, pegi balai polis skrg.. Malahan kitorg berlakon je.. Nak tgk dia camner.. Dia tunggu punye tunggu, kitorg tetap x gerak2..Selamba kitorg layan tgk TV..  

Esok by afternoon baru bgtau dia that u pack ur stuff and go!

Apa yg trjadi mmg terbuka hati dan mata about these maids..They can DO such things beyond our expectation.. Jangan pandang muka baik, solat x tinggal, x semestinya baik mcam malaikat.. AKu anggap Its BLESSING IN DISGUISE! Tuhan Maha Kaya.. Pls protect my family dari bnda2 yg tidak diingini berlaku..

Skrg ni I have to be strong being maid-less.. With No.3 in my tummy, and to take care the 2 princesses.. Nak tak nak kene tempuh juga.. My routine has change, not just that, kena pandai with time management.. Insyaallah everything will be fine..

ADIOS! Anak2 da bgn from short nap tadi... :)