Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Memoir of my little knight - Part 3

As we reached the labour room @ Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban N.9.

My SIL was not allowed to enter the labour room with me. Dah mmg procedure mana2 hospital kerajaan hanya suami sahaja dibenarkan masuk. So she was outside at the waiting area.

The labour room x ramai patients that nite. I was greeted by a nice lady-nurse. Told her wat happened. She immidiately took the timing of the contraction. Yess, she counted every 10minutes mmg ada contraction. Then there's a young male doctor came. Dlm hati brkata ini mesti masih practical@ housemanship. Dah biasa sgt dgn hospital kerajaan. The 'real' medical doctor selalu akan dtg kemudian.

Terasa sgt slow dgn service disini, sbb clerical- report/case report masih lg pakai pen dan kertas. I am not being comparative here. Skrg zaman sudah celik IT. Agak trperanjat kalau dibndingkan dgn Hospital Ampang dimana the 2Ms dilahirkan. Even Hospital Putrajaya pon jauh bezanya. The HO (housemanship officer) braught me to one room yg agak kecik utk buat CTG. Huh!! Trperanjat lagi!  Melihat keadaan bilik yg x trsusun dan mesin CTG yg nmpak 'sudah nazak' itu, makes me wonder ada lagi hospital yg berupa spt berada di 'zaman P.Ramlee'. Dalam hati berbisik, jangan byk 'komplen-la'..  maybe mlm ni jugak ntah2 dah kene brsalin, tabahlah wahai hati!

After 20minutes, I've done with the CTG test. Mmg obvious ada contraction. Dlm 10 minit ada satu peak. Kali ni the HO came with one-female MO (medical officer). Both of them looked at the graph together. They agreed utk tolak masuk ke wad, which am not surprised. The MO bawk i masuk satu bilik utk buat ultrasound. Masuk bilik tu, rasa mcm nak je tepuk dahi depan2 doctor tu. Tapi simpan dlm hati. Haha. Another 'zaman P.Ramlee' punye barang dahhhhh..

I sms-ed to SIL, updating her what happened. Then straight away the nurse asked me to call SIL utk buat registration kemasukan wad. ::sigh::

I was admitted at wad 4A Obstestric and Gynaecology. Kelas ketiga (3rd class). Told SIL that I will try with the 3rd class ward dulu for the nite. She said she will arrage utk transfer ke kelas pertama if I'm not comfortable kat wad tu nnti. be Continued..


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Sufi MS said...

Dah bersalin erk, tahniah, saya pun sama baru je lepas, admitted hosp. ampang,